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Call of Cthulhu is a 2018 role-playing survival horror game. The game was created by Cyanide and have been published by the Focus Home Interactive for PS4, XBox One, Switch and PC. Call of Cthulhu is inspired by HP Lovecraft’s short horror story called Call of Cthulhu. During the game, the players play as Edward Pierce, a private detective.

The game starts with Edward Pierce taking the case of Sarah Hawkins who dies alongwith her family in a fire accident. To solve the case Pierce visits Dark Water Islands and starts his investigation. As the investigation proceeds further new secrets are unveiled about the island and it’s inhabitants which slowly drives Peirce towards insanity. The following are some of the beautifully screenshots from the game that you should check out to admire this game:

The game starts with Stephen Webster, who approaches Edward Pierce at his office for offering him the case of Sarah Hawkins.

A look at the office of the Edward Pierce, who is a private detective and the main protagonist of the game.

Pierce looking at the light house of Dark Water. The another person in this picture is Captain

Kate sitting at the bar of Dark Water and observing Pierce.

Pierce looking a painting of himself in astonishment, which he found while searching Hawkins Manor.

A cultist suddenly attacks Pierce. While Pierce manages to successfully counter the attack, the cultist manages to flee with the painting from the Hawkins Mansion.

The group of Cultist performing a ritual in a cave below the Hawkins Mansion.

Charles Hawkins in a mutated form.

A look at the Dark Water asylum.

The meal that is served in the asylum.

The asylum room that was alotted to Francis Sanders, one of the buyers of the Sarah Hawkin’s paintings.

The scary and horrific sculptures in the art gallery of Francis Sanders.

Officer Bradley visits in the asylum.

Pierce hiding from the Shambler which came out from the painting created by Sarah Hawkins.

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