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Days Gone is an action & adventure game based on survival horror in a post apocalyptic world. The game has been created by SIE Bend Studio & published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Days Gone was released exclusively for PS4 in the year 2019. The game received mixed reviews on release. Today we have come with a collection of beautiful screenshot from Days Gone. Hence, sit down on your chair, bed or couch and enjoy watching them.Days Gone HD WallpapersDays Gone has a vast open world that is available for the players to explore.Beautiful Game Landscape from Days GoneBeautiful Game LandscapeThe game is set in the post apocalyptic state of Oregon, which has been ravaged by a Pandemic.Oregon City from Days Gone



Days Gone tells the story of a drifter called Deacon St. John, who is in lookout for his wife Sarah.The character of Deacon is brilliantly played by Sam Witwer. Deacon is a former US Army 10th Mountain Division Afghanistan War veteran, who currently living his life on the road as a bounty Hunter.


Boozer is the friend of Deacon and one of the main characters in the game.


Mark Copeland is the Leader of the Copeland Camps. He is one of the mission providers in the game.Days Gone has a vast world that can be explored by riding bikes.Days Gone allows you to ride bikes for travelling from one location in the game to another.Days Gone has very realistic graphics and beautiful environment that can be explored by the players.During the game the players can employ pistols, assault rifles and melee weapons to fight the enemies.The Freakers are weak and slow during the day, but are fast and very aggressive during night time.The below pictures shows Deacon confronting two Freakers.A Teenage Freaker attacking Deacon.

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